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Want to be inspired? Elaine Stritch - SHOOT ME

Last night, I was at a special screening at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in New York where I saw the powerful documentary Shoot Me, about Broadway legend Elaine Stritch.

This marvelous film is mandatory, must see, not to be missed, viewing for anyone working in the arts and especially those in the theatre.

Run, don't walk to see it. The film is in limited release right now.

Ms. Stritch, who is 89 this year, is at once, powerful, vulnerable, real, tender, irascible and most of all, pointedly honest. Wonderfully directed by Chiemi Karasawa, this movie will remind you WHY you got into the arts in the first place.

The film is so vulnerable at times, rarely have I seen such honesty.

The trailer can be viewed on the film's website, along with screening dates around the country.

Please don't miss it.

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